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A Gin-uine Experience.

Four Pillars Shiraz Gin – Australia.
A Yarra Vallery shiraz grape infused gin with a clear peppery, dense raspberry character. The palate is lovely and sweet, with long juniper, sweet and spice character finish. Served with a Mediterranean style tonic, red grapes and an orange slice garnish.

Sacred Spring Dry Gin – New Zealand.
A vapour infused 8 botanical gin that has replaced citrus with local manuka leaves, the 9th botanical being the water drawn from Te Waikoropupu Springs, currently the clearest spring in the world. ‘Pure and simple’. Aromatic tonic, almond and honey flavoured ice.

Glendalough Rose Gin – Ireland.

Wild botanical gin from the rolling hills of Ireland. Re-distilled with extra flora including three types of rose petals to bulk the fragrance and give a beautiful pink hue. Served with a floral elderflower on the nose and palate. Aromatic tonic and sliced cucumber create the summer garden dream.

Hendricks Dry Gin – Scotland.
“The curious world of Hendricks” set the bar of many flavoured and varied gins we know today. Orange, lemon, rose, cucumber and elderflower on the nose and palate. Elderflower tonic and sliced cucumber create the summer garden dream.

Sacred spring Dry Gin – New Zealand.
A clean 12 botanical gin that despite the presence of many warm spices, it is citrus that dominates the flavour profile. Vibrant in the mouth and smooth but crisp on the palate. Grapefruit wedge and Indian spiced tonic complete it.

Ink Dry Gin РAustralia.
Distilled with butterfly pea flower petals giving the vivid purple colour. Showpiece colour change from deep indigo to light violet as the pH in the petals react with tonic and citrus. Rosemary spring, fresh orange and crisp Indian tonic.

Gin-uine sees the opportunity to continue celebrations as we house international gins to go hand in hand with this awesome sunshine.

Immerse yourself in gin culture right on your door-step, here at The Conservatory.

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