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  Got a function to plan? Ask us we can do all the guess work for you!

Every Thursday evening, 6-9pm, eats, beats and classic house treats for Generation X. Taking you back to the good old days

Taste the 6 regions of New Zealand with our wine tasting offers

Come grab a healthy cocktail at our new Garden Bar!

Host your event at the best spot in Wynyard Quarter!

Try our Free-Range & Organic Menu

1-17 Jellicoe Street, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland          (09) 307 2222
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That place you can go for brunch. That place you can go for lunch. That place you can grab an 18 inch pizza. That place to share a sumptuous platter with friends. That place you can enjoy an ice cold beer in one of our infamous vases. That place that serves amazing cocktails. That place you can indulge in some delicious boutique wines by the glass. That place that the outside is as comfortable as the inside. That place with an open fire. That place by the sea.

So really it’s not that place. It’s the place. It’s not about trying to be cool. It’s about being you, in a cool, laid back and fun environment. We’re not all about what’s hot and what’s not, aside from the food and drink. You see quality is what we do, and quality isn’t a fad.

Proclaimed to be one of the best places for cocktails and service that Jonathan Gold, the New York food critic of 50 years, and Pulitzer prize winner has ever visited, we take pride in constantly exceeding expectations, without taking ourselves too seriously.

Bring your mates, bring your partner, bring your family, bring your mother-in-law if you want… just don’t bring any pre-conceived ideas. Designed to suit every occasion, the award winning Conservatory bar is literally full of life – it’s New Zealand’s first living bar.

“The Conservatory – it’s about living.”

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Address: 1-17 Jellicoe Street, North Wharf, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland
Call us: (09) 307 2222
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