Our Choice


Our ever evolving drinks list is testament to what a free trade venue can offer. Unlike the vast majority of venues in New Zealand, who all have to stock the same products because of their agreements with big breweries, our drinks list is 100% based on quality and is chosen by our passionate team.

This drinks list showcases some of New Zealand's best wines and beers, supporting our country's finest. All of our tap beers are award winning with a few rotational taps to showcase the latest and greatest and a few quirky brews for the craft beer collective.

When it comes to cocktails we have built our reputation from our team of mixologists creating and developing some beautifully crafted inventions to satisfy the most discerning customers alongside the classics, ensuring a quality experience whatever your drop is.

If all this sounds too fancy, it just means we sell great booze.

"My absolute favourite in the quayside... the food is always delicious, try the platters... Superb! Great drinks menu and friendly service make it a lovely place to relax and enjoy the sunshine with friends"

- Susan Benedek Rooney